Parents lives revolve around the humble school calendar. A typical school calendar has about 50 to 130 holidays, minimum days, teacher development days and other events in an academic year. Unfortunately, something as essential as a school calendar is confusing, not easily accessible or personalized.

At Sangha here are the 5 things we did to reinvent the humble school calendar:

1. We rationalized thousands of school calendars formats into a single one


post 2-01


  2. Our calendars are easily accessible on your mobile phones

- No more printing
- No more hard to read web versions on your phone
- No more confusing steps to download calendars

Just select from Sangha's geo location specific calendar listings. Alternatively do an easy search and you are done



3. Get your own personalized calendar

- Don't view non relevant events. View events relevant to your children's grades

:Sangha Calendar-07


Subscribe to multiple school and out of school activity calendars. Get a unified view



 4. Complete Calendar at your fingertips - in the know on the go!

- You don't need 3 clicks to view event details
- No more never ending scrolling to get to the next event

View events for whole year and their details in one go or view by month

:Sangha Calendar-04


 5. Never forget an event

- Don't get an alert for every event

Receive reminders for important Holidays and Minimum Days. Plan ahead alerts for Holidays alert you a week in advance.




We would love to get your feedback on how we can make these Calendars even better. Please leave your comment below and let us know. Thank you!