Improve your school’s communication!

This year,  set the tone for making school communication a priority by starting off with a back-to-school email to your whole school. Start this school year off strong by encouraging better communication methods and uniting your school.

Promote communication
Promote and maintain communication between yourself and your parents all year long. Teachers, here’s your chance to start the school year with a phone call to the parents to establish mutual trust and open the lines of communication early. This is your opportunity to learn any student specific information that could help with teaching and building personal relationships. If your school has a an app for two-way messaging, utilize it by scheduling parent-teacher conferences and classroom visits. Stay more organized with field trips and planning out different events throughout the year by using one streamlined communication platform.
Your communication goals
Create a plan for what your purpose is for communicating with the parents this year. Is it to bring more parents to the classroom to share their professional experience? Increase student attendance? Whatever they are, design your plan to mirror these goals. Go a step further by measuring the success of your efforts. Are more parents signing up to be involved? Are there less absences throughout the month? Measure the success of your students as well. Are they participating more? Improving their grades? Is it making a difference across the board to have their parents involved? If so, share your results with other teachers, or even in staff meetings!
Check-in frequently
If you decide to use a newsletter to keep your parents involved, discover the method of communication that works best. All parents might not have access to email, maybe for some a print-out sent home works best.

Promote an “open door” policy
Administrators, establish open communication guidelines with all members of your staff. Get yourself acquainted with every staff member and implement an “open door” policy, especially if you are a new administrator who is working on building relationships with every staff member.
Does your school use a communication app?
Is there a new form of communication your school is adopting, like a new app? To make your communication efforts run smoothly, advertise the new app and boast about its power and ease of use. Encourage your parents and teachers to download it by announcing it in your welcome letter – the more you promote your dependency on it and how much the school will benefit from using it, your parent engagement will only skyrocket.

Your marketing strategy
Do you have a marketing strategy put in place for this year? The weeks leading up to the first day of school, give a sneak peek into any new changes that have happened to your school. Get your school community excited about starting the new school year and everything that’s in store for them with a post to your social media channels. Is your school utilizing the effects of a newsletter? Not only does a newsletter promote collaboration within the school, but it is also a great way for prospective families to get an inside look into your school.
Make a great first impression
Take a look at your school’s website. Does it look like it needs a redesign? Your school site will usually be the first point of contact for prospective families looking to send their children to your school, so why not make it a first impression they’ll remember with a sleek, eye-catching design!

The key to starting the year off right is kicking it off with high spirits and keeping it up all year long!

If you’re looking to try something new this year, here are some tips for teachers and admins!