“Don’t be afraid.  Our call as leaders is to empower families and we can’t do that unless we reach them. I don’t think we are reaching the families completely with our antiquated methods. Don’t be afraid.”

Dr. Murphy


Dr. Sheila Murphy-Brewer Ed.D., principal at Marshall Pomeroy Elementary school in Milpitas, CA, is leading her team with a new focus on parent communication. Here she talks about the issues schools like her’s face with antiquated parent communication methods and how her school has transitioned to a parent teacher partnership model with Sangha’s parent mobile app.



Phone calls, emails, and flyers…don’t work!

Q. What has been your biggest challenge in communication with parents?  

“Our problem has always been doing parent phone calls, sending emails, and flyers but inevitably at every event some parents would say ‘I didn’t know’ or ‘you should communicate more’.  So, I knew there had to be a communication tool we were missing.  Thinking about how people communicate this century, I realized it’s on their phone and began looking for an app.


When we first met with Dr. Murphy, she mentioned that parent teacher meetings had taken her teachers hours to coordinate.  As a tech savvy principal, she put significant effort in creating RSVPs in Google forms and sending multiple email batches to parents. In our first meeting, we created Messages, Reminders, Signups for Parent Teacher Meetings and RSVPs in seconds.  

After seeing other apps that did some of what she needed, Dr. Murphy chose the Sangha app because it handles everything…mail/messaging, calendar, signup for parent teacher meetings, consent forms, volunteering, material requests, and RSVP in a single app.  With the administration, classrooms, groups, and PTA using Sangha, everyone is on the same page all the time.


Launch now & learn the app before the new school year

Q. Why did you make the unconventional choice to implement Sangha in the last quarter?

“I love to make mistakes.  I like to try things that I truly believe will work but in a nonthreatening way so you can work through all those things you wouldn’t want to have happen in the beginning of the school year.  Starting now was also so we could win some of the teachers over by the end of this school year.  I didn’t expect all of them to buy-in within 3 days!”



Smooth and fast implementation – 3 days!

Q. When launching, how was the deployment process?

“I anticipated it being really scary, difficult, clunky, and maybe messy but it was really smooth and fast.  We talked on one Friday and went live with the entire school the next Friday. The teachers find Sangha simple to use and feel successful immediately.  Now they get excited with each way they realize they can utilize Sangha and their excitement has transferred into the parents.  The parents are proud to show us they have the app and look forward to using it more.”



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