1. Setup Your School App

We auto sync with most SIS (we support Clever as well) or email your school data including parent emails with this template to support@sanghapp.com

We will preload calendars for you. You can always add or edit events later.  Share calendar data for districts and schools (usually holidays & minimum days to start with). We can pick it up from your Edlio website or you can share the info in a spreadsheet.

Share your PDF forms. We will digitize them for you and add to your Sangha app.


2. Prepare Your Teachers


Introduce Sangha to your teachers and create a fun workshop with these ready-to-go materials.  

Workshop Materials


We will provide resource materials to introduce Sangha to your teachers, including the video below.



Feel free to use our email templates to communicate with teachers at different times. View Email Template

3. Launch

We have put together a thoughtful kit to get your school parents on board. Share our intro video with parents along with these fun materials. 

Email Campaign

Introduce Sangha with an email campaign to parents View English and Spanish versions here.


Let parents know ahead of time by having a flyers on your school website and hang printed banners around your school. Get them hereFeel free to embed the intro video below in your school website. 

Back to School Presentation

Introduce Sangha to your parents with our  fun presentation deck.