Research has shown parent involvement leads to increased achievement, but when matched with different styles of parent participation, the effects can reach new levels. Even more so, the correlation between parent involvement and positive effects on student behavior and social skills is more of a reason to start planning ways to interact with parents. The sooner parents are involved in their children’s lives, the more benefits both the student and parent will reap as the student goes on through elementary school, high school and beyond.

The list of challenges in the way of parents being active in their child’s academic life can range from both parents working, previous negative experiences with schools, limited resources for engaging parents, only interacting with parents when their child misbehaves, and so much more. But what if there was a way schools could reach their community with powerful and long-lasting results, and finally close the gap between parents, teachers, administrators and the entire school community?

Teachers, students and parents are all on the same team, and with a simple solution to these everyday issues, trusting relationships are formed, barriers are removed, and a more supportive environment is created. With more engagement from parents, they become more aware of homework assignments and tests, and are able to reinforce better study habits in the home and see greater effects in the classroom. More engaged parents lead to higher achieving students, a better school climate and increased school funding.

Besides the hard working teachers and administrators who interact with the students daily, PTO and PTA organizations plan events to increase their reach to parent volunteers, school fundraisers and their community. These organizations are the liaison between the school and parents, but that still leaves room for disconnection within the school. We can solve the problems schools have been facing for years through embracing the numerous tools we have at our disposal and having more two-way communication.

Children are now learning and growing in the Digital Age, the most technologically advanced group thus far. Parents have even become more and more reliant on technology which is why it’s so common for children to learn how to use an iPad before they learn to speak.

Enter Sangha: the next-generation tool for the parents and teachers of Generation-Z students. It’s become more normal to be accessible 24/7, so why not meet parents where it’s most convenient, the cell-phone in their hands? The common factor in achieving this success is communication and keeping parents up-to-date on all school activities, opting in only for information relevant to their child. Here’s how Sangha allows for it to occur quickly and seamlessly:

  • Teachers and admins send reminders to parents about upcoming events or early dismissals
  • Secure two-way messaging between parents and teachers/admins (with transparency)
  • Schedule parent-teacher conferences
  • RSVP to events
  • Make payments securely
  • Sign consent forms…all from their phones!

Sangha makes it easy to engage and reach on-the-go families through one tool, and see the positive results. Teachers are the ones in control with no risk of the information getting bottlenecked – only less stress, more parent involvement, and successful students.

Students who feel support from both their home and school report to have higher self-confidence, feel school is more important, and therefore do better. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes nationally mandatory to create a plan for involving parents in school activities. Regardless of the type of school or family socioeconomic status, there is always a solution to bringing parents, teachers and administrators together. All it takes is the first step at finding, and setting in motion, the most effective way at getting it done.