Edlio + Sangha


Today marks the start of a new chapter for the entire Sangha community. We’re excited to announce that Sangha is joining Edlio.  

We started Sangha over three years ago with the goal of simplifying school-parent engagement. At the time, all school-home communication software focused primarily on the needs of the school administrator or teacher, not the parent. As parents ourselves, we saw and experienced the inefficiency and poor user experience that all stakeholders--both parents and school staff--suffered as a result.

Our guiding idea at Sangha was to focus on how to make parents lives easier by bringing together in one place all relevant school services and information, personalizing it for each parent, and building in a powerful reminder system that helps parents manage and act upon their school to-dos in a mobile calendar-based app. Over the past three years, strong word of mouth promotion from passionate school principals, district administrators, and parents across the country has driven our growth with no marketing.

Administrators love Sangha because it’s a whole-school solution-- on average, we reach 75% of parents through our interactive calendar app or email (85% - 100% in our leading schools), and of those parents, most received 10-15 push notification alerts a week, more than 20% used the Sangha app daily, and more than 40% weekly.

We're proud of these reach and engagement metrics because we believe they are unmatched in the education industry. Perhaps more importantly, we achieved these metrics with 68% of our schools qualifying as school-wide Title I.

Today, we are joining Edlio with the goal of taking Sangha to the next level. We’ll introduce a host of new features and look forward to expanding our reach to millions of parents. My co-founders Srikanth, Srivatsan and I are joining the Edlio leadership team. We are excited and can’t wait to share with you the new things on which we we are already working on.  

On behalf of Sangha, I would like to thank all our customers (administrators, principals, teachers and parents). We are looking forward to our next phase of this exciting journey with you all.

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