Getting Ready for Teachers Workshop

It’s that time!  Teacher invites have been sent!  Now, the Teacher Workshop is coming up soon and that’s the last step to going live.  The purpose of this workshop is to get teachers familiar with the functions of the site, prepare to answer questions from parents, and walk the talk by entering events, actions, and messages into your live environment!  

Workshop Scope

- Overview of the app 15 min

- Workshop on Real Environment 60 - 80 min - we will create Reminders, Signup Events, Parent Conferences & Messages on a Test Class and Real Classes as Organizers. View and act on test events as dummy parents


Before the workshop:

  • Signup New Teachers or Existing teachers (old logins should work)
  • We will mimic parents during the workshop. All teachers have been added as dummy parents. Download Parent Mobile App from App Store or Google Play on your iPhone / iPad or Android phone. Login / password same as your school admin / teacher
  •  Print/Share Sangha training handouts from here


During the workshop:

  • All participants will have  laptops / desktops and will come with their smart phones as well
  • Remote Demo will be shown via projector / speaker.  Principal / Lead will relay staff questions to team Sangha
  • Instructor resources for workshop


After this workshop and some data has been entered by your teachers, Sangha will send your parents a personalized invitation to join.  That’s when the magic happens!
Remind your teachers about the workshop with our email templates below.  See you at then!

Email Templates

Subject: Sangha, Our School App!

I wanted to give you an update on the exciting new venture we are embarking on!! We recently connected with a company called Sangha. The co-founders, as parents of two children in elementary school, struggled to keep up with the busy school calendar, newsletters, signup forms, and flyers coming home. So, they quit their jobs at Yahoo! and Skype to develop a mobile app that would solve the challenges they were facing.  The goal of the app is to eliminate the need for paper and email to communicate with parents and allow them to have all the information you’ve provided at their fingertips within the mobile app.  

Here is a link to the informational video for teachers:

This year we are going to use Sangha for school wide information, events, signups, and messages. Some teachers and room parents will be piloting Sangha for their classrooms starting <DATE> and we hope to use it across all classrooms in the next few weeks (specify appropriate TIMELINE).  If you’d like to be a part of that pilot group, please let me know and I’ll see if it’s possible.

I will keep you in the loop on progress and look forward to hearing your feedback about this great new tool. This is a very exciting opportunity and I know you will all find this new communication tool beneficial for yourselves, our families, and ultimately our students!!  


Subject: Sangha Teacher Workshop

A quick reminder that our Sangha teacher workshop is coming up on <DATE> at <TIME> in <LOCATION>.  You will have ample opportunity to ask questions about how the site functions, what the parents see, and how it all works, as well as, work through live examples you bring to the workshop.  Please make time to accept the invitation sent previously, create a password, and get familiar with the site.

Our parents have not received their invites so now is your chance to learn the site functions without them watching.  Be sure to bring your questions and examples to the workshop!  

During the workshop we’ll begin using Sangha for volunteering sign ups, event RSVPs, consent forms, material requests, and sending messages.  Please make every effort to be there so you understand this tool moving forward and are prepared to answer questions from your parents.

If you missed the invitation and need it re-sent, please email

When: after teacher workshop but before parent invites

To: all organizers

Subject: Sangha Launch

By now, you should have started to create events, sign ups, consent forms, and volunteering signups in Sangha.  This is so important to launching with the parents since they will see information in the parent app from the minute they start.  If they were looking at a blank calendar that would be pretty boring.  Don’t forget to check out the “Need Help?” section when you have questions and, remember, the website is for administrators and teachers.  The parents will see what you’ve published through the mobile app on their mobile device.  Parents do not have access to the website so there is no link to forward them.    

To help prepare your parents and get them pumped up, we’ve included an email template below which you can send.  This is intended to be a note from you personally as their teacher about the communication transition.  Feel free to edit as you wish, add dates to some of the transition points, and send to your parents before the parent invitations are sent (or edit if you’re sending after).  

Congratulations on launching Sangha.  We look forward to hearing about your successes and getting your feedback!

Subject: Upcoming Sangha Launch


You will soon receive an invitation from Sangha ( on behalf of our school.  The header or subject line will read “Invite from” and include our school name.  Don’t miss this email!  When you open it on your mobile device, there will be a link to walk you through the steps to download our new Sangha app and create a password.  The invitation email will also include instructions.

If you’re a returning parent, there is no need to you to reinstall the application.  Simply make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. Also make sure notifications are enabled to receive alerts for new messages, reminders for tasks and upcoming signup deadlines.

I have already added many upcoming events to the Sangha app and you’ll be able to RSVP, sign up to volunteer or bring things, and sign consent forms all in the app.  Our next parent teacher meetings will be scheduled using the app as well and soon I’ll begin sending newsletters through the app instead of email or paper.  I’m very excited to utilize this tool and simplify how we communicate!

If you missed the invitation and need it re-sent, please email